Memoir or Novel?

I began writing my story as a memoir, and then I never got far with it. I began a novel which I planned out as “different” but the story is still really mine. Memoirs are easier to sell. But if I write it as a memoir, I will have to admit this awful story is my own, these terrible things that happened, well, they happened to me. I’ll have to put the name Lady Liz Jones and answer interview questions about the book, about my life. I’ll be under scrutiny. 

Essentially, I want to fictionalize my story because it is much harder to own my story. 

But that also means I have more to gain, because I’ll be telling the truth and I’ll be able to meet people who read my truths and want to find acceptance with their own truths. Hopefully, I’ll find acceptance with my own truths, if not in the process of merely writing them then perhaps in the process of selling them.


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3 Responses to Memoir or Novel?

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    • ladylizjones says:

      Literally, both at this point. I’ve been switching every week. I think I created a fictional character(mary) that I find more compelling sometimes, and then there are times when I need to get my own story out.

  2. J T Weaver says:

    It’s a tough choice. I was lucky in that mine just evolved on it’s own. I wrote one story, then another, then another. Suddenly, almost without warning, I was done. I wish you luck.

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